Bitcoin and other digital currencies are gapping higher leaving the Bitcoin Fork behind.  Bitcoin tested the $3500 level today and Ethereum is also marching back to $300 after massive sell offs.

The reality of digital currency renews with each new high, and the the coin market jumps back into the media cycle prompting every Uber driver to wonder when they will be accepting these coins as part of their daily business.

These days are upon us, as fiat currency and the good faith of the government currency comes under question as a useful tool in our changing world.  The collective is starting to question why we report $10,000 withdrawl’s to the Federal Reserve as Uncle Sam digs deeper into our pockets for god knows what.

I don’t know about you but I don’t need any other partners like Uncle Sam or Ex-Wives – I am doing just fine thank you.

Learn more about digital currencies on your own with simple wikipedia search about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Ethereum.  The world is starting to ask questions about why we need fiat currency at all, and this new reality is driving all prices higher.


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